The girl I lost my virginity to just blocked me on Facebook.


idk I was just seeing my face from different angles

My days are longer. Each day crawls by like a turtle on the road. My days are fill with anger. Pain echoes throughout my skull. The only thoughts I have is of bringing these long days to an end. Bring peace to an other wise distorted brain. Damaged by time and experience. I am the oldest of old souls. I am more of a cynic than anything else. Merely nineteen yet I feel like I’ve lived a long and disappointing life. This sounds like weakness when in fact it’s a strength. To filter out the liars, the dirt and the cheats. When days are filled with negativity they become twenty five hours long. Maybe near death is where I belong

"Old soul" - Richard Lyons

Life. We all have it but each one is unique. We are just blossoming flowers from the moment we learn to speak. We take this fact for granted of the life that we are handed. Some chose to live blind folded, with their hands banded. We need to stand up break free. Our bad thoughts shouldn’t chain us, we are not branded by the life we are born into. We are not defined by what we have been through. The world is ours to explore, at least that’s what I stand for. A massive realization is in order. We need to break down the borders that we’ve set for us. Because vast nothingness would really just bore us. We only get one life to experience as much as we can, let’s live our lives with free and open hands.

- Richard Lyons


Goldeneye (1995)You wish you could drive a T54AMV this hard.


Goldeneye (1995)
You wish you could drive a T54AMV this hard.